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Accepting new registrations for Summer and Fall. Please call to schedule a visit.
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2018 Summer Tuition and Fee Schedule

Session I - June 18 - July 20
(Payment will be due on June 1)
Session II - July 23 - August 24
(Payment will be due on July 1)

Summer Sessions dates may not be changed nor weeks pro-rated.

Children's House

School Day Days per Week Session Payment (5 weeks)
8:30-2:45 (full day) 5 $1,375
  4 $1,231
  3 $1,191
8:30-1:00 (half day) 5 $1,250
  4 $1,206
  3 $1,178
Registration / Material Fees (Non-refundable)
$150 - New Students | $75 - Returning Students

Our academic curriculum consists of language, math, practical life, sensorial, art, geography and cultural subjects. We include daily Spanish, computer educational programs, music, woodworking, oceans of fun, dinosaurs, food groups, community workers, science projects, arts and crafts, cooking, nature walks, splash days, cooking, play time on the field, special lunch days, special visitors and much more.

Toddler Classroom

School Day Days per Week Session Payment (5 weeks)
8:30-2:45 (full day) 5 $1,537
  4 $1,365
  3 $1,300
8:30-12:45 (half day) 5 $1,377
  4 $1,312
  3 $1,250
Registration / Material Fees (Non-refundable)
$150 - New Students | $75 - Returning Students

Our Montessori toddler curriculum consists of language, practical life, sensorial, arts and crafts, numerals, cultural, music and movement, teddy bear picnics, oceans of fun, cooking and much more.

Summer Tuition is due on June, 1, 2018 for Session I and July 1, 2018 for Session II. There will be a late charge is payment is not received by the 5th. You are responsible for the Summer tuition if you cancel or your child does not attend the Session which you sign up for. Checks returned by the bank are subject to a $25.00 fee. We accept cash, check, most credit cards and ACH bank account debit.

Child care is available in the Summer each day from 7:30-8:30 a.m. and 2:45-6:00 p.m. After school care is available for full day students, only. You will be charged for the care you have signed up for each month even if your child is not present. These rates are calculated for Summer Session I and Summer Session II. If you need additional child care beyond your regular scheduled time you will be billed at an hourly rate of $5.50 for that day or if it's throughout the month your scheduled monthly rate will be changed for that month. If you need drop-in care, please contact to the school to check on space availability. Drop-in care will be billed at the hourly rate or monthly rate depending on days and times used. A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged after 12:45, 2:45 and 6:00 p.m.

Tuition and childcare however, are prorated so that holidays are not charged for. No deductions or refunds can be made for illness, holidays, vacations, withdrawal, late entrance, or other absences. If a child is withdrawn for any reason, refunds cannot be made unless said withdrawal is made at the specific request of the school. Your child is placed for the entire summer session which you sign up for. Changes or cancellation cannot be made after you turn in your Registration Form, you will be billed for the session(s), your child is registered for.

Parents will provide lunch and a cloth placemat each day in a lunch box. Nutritious snacks are provided in the morning, afternoon and during child care. Parent participation is appreciated with our healthy snack program. Children may not have sweets, candy, and cookies at school for snack or lunch. We encourage that children eat healthy, nutritious foods, only.

The Montessori School of La Jolla accepts all children regardless of race, color or religion.